When planning my first child-focused trip to Poland, I scoured the net for ideas about what to do to keep my then two, soon to be three, year old entertained. There was little information other than the usual list of suggested attractions and amusements.

I turned then to friends and family for suggestions. A number of friends had recently visited for several weeks or months, with their kids, and provided a myriad of great ideas about what worked for them…and what didn’t. This together with a few hairbrained nostalgic notions of my own formed the very loose basis of our itinerary.

To help others planning such an adventure, this blog aims to share some of our experiences to help navigate some of the hidden treasures and pitfalls of traveling with children through Poland.

Whilst I do speak the language, my son is second generation Australian. Our experiences are opportunities are to some extent a result of our cultural heritage. However, many of the adventures are just as accessible to those who have no Polish connection whatsoever.

So welcome, read, enjoy, comment, share and above all…pack your bags and hit the road. Traveling with kids is a wonderful way of revisiting much loved places and experiencing them in a totally new way.

Wishing you all szerokiej drogi (literally “a wide road”) – the Polish way of wishing someone a happy and safe journey.


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